Worker's Compensation Pittsburgh, PA

It is important if you are a member of the workforce to understand your
rights under the Worker's Compensation Act. Worker's Compensation is
insurance that employers are required to carry in the event an employee
becomes injured while working, or becomes ill because of work-related
conditions. If illness or injury occurs because of your employment, you will
be eligible for benefits including lost wages, medical and rehabilitation
expenses and death benefits. Specific loss benefits may also be paid.

You need to report an injury immediately to your employer, or as soon as you realize it is connected to your work. You should seek help from a medical professional, and will receive a claim form from your employer. Remember to keep a copy of all paper work involved in your claim. Detail how and when your injury occurred and note any witnesses to the event. In the event your employer fails to move on your claim within 21 days, seek legal assistance. If your employer complies, make sure that the amount you receive is 66 2/3 of your gross income from all sources. This amount is tax free.

If you are requested by your employer to see another physician, check with an attorney. It is possible that this is a first step in modifying or
terminating benefits. You may also be offered a different type of work that
you may be able to perform. If you don't take the offer, you may lose your
benefits. If you are asked to sign an agreement or any document that you do not understand, have an attorney check it out.

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