Auto Accident Law

Auto (Car) Accident Law Pittsburgh, PA

Auto Accident LawSpecifically one thinks of Accident Attorneys primarily when an automobile accident occurs.  Firms that handle this type of accident generally engage in litigating other types of accidents, and cases involving DUI.  Firms of this nature generally assist with litigation or mediation to obtain benefits following an accident. It is interesting to note than an alarming number of claims submitted by lay persons are initially denied.

Cases handled by this type of lawyer may include, in addition to auto collision, no fault claims, falls, workers’ compensation, offshore accident, construction accident as result of machinery failure or defect, explosion, and accidents at refineries.

Accident attorneys also may become involved in Social Security Disability claims, medical malpractice, dog bites, boating accidents and DUI accidents.  Unfortunately, driving under the influence is a growing cause of accidents.  Accident attorneys assist not only those arrested for this offense but also may be retained by victims.

The average American may not realize that insurance may not adequately reimburse you if you are a victim of an accident. Even in no fault states victims have a right to secure the services of an attorney.

Accident attorneys may also handle other types of litigation. This is true if the practice is small. Some firms have specific lawyers dedicated to accidents. There are also attorneys who undertake nothing but accident cases.

Before settling an accident case a brief meeting with an attorney is something that is well worth the fee, even if litigation does not result.

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