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Real Estate Law Pittsburgh, PA

Real Estate LawAlmost everyone comes in contact with Real Estate Law. Whether you are a property owner, landlord or tenant, you will probably be involved in one or more legal issues involving real estate. Real estate law includes state and federal statutes as well as aspects of common law.

An experienced real estate attorney will assist you whether you are buying, financing, leasing or constructing a building. Individuals and corporations that develop and manage property also need legal advice. Sales and lease agreements often contain terminology that is foreign to many consumers. A thorough understanding is especially important where commercial and industrial property is involved.

There is always the eventuality of legal disputes over titles, boundaries, easements, contract breach, eminent domain and many other issues.

Real estate brokers are held to high ethical standards when representing either buyer or seller or acting as an intermediary. An attorney can help in securing a mortgage, mortgage refinancing, tax-deferred exchanges and securing a reverse mortgage. Problems with property taxes, landlord-tenant disputes, protecting property from probate, dealing with construction defects and suspected fraud are also areas where legal assistance is important.

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