Immigration Law

Immigration Law Pittsburgh, PA

Immigration Law is a highly complex field, and without doubt the services of an experienced immigration attorney are absolutely necessary. For example, there are immigration regulations regarding (1) family: spouses, children, parents, siblings; (2) “green card” (lawful permanent resident) regulations which are employment based, and deal with professionals and skilled workers among others; (3) temporary non-immigrant visas (H1B) for specialty workers; (4) O Visas for musicians, public speakers, researchers and artists; (5 )L visas for company transfers; (6) fiancé visas; (7) investor visas; (8) farm employee visas and (9) visitor visas, among others.

If an immigrant has a criminal record, it is imperative that he or she speak with an immigration attorney. Being involved with the criminal justice system can have an adverse effect on the person’s status.

If you decide to apply for citizenship, an immigration attorney can assist you in the process. If for any reason you should face deportation seek the advice of an immigration attorney.

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