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Tax Law Pittsburgh, PA

Tax LawTax Law is a broad field. Two major areas impacting Pennsylvanians are federal and state income taxes. For many individuals handling these tax situations is fairly simple. If problems arise with, for example, the IRS, it becomes necessary in most cases to seek legal representation. Among other situations, an individual may need tax audit representation, advice and assistance with non filed returns, IRS tax liens, installment payment plans, wage garnishment, innocent spouse liability and appeals. An experienced advisor can assist in working out compromises and penalty and interest reductions.

Corporate and partnership tax assistance and tax return preparation are other areas where a trained professional is needed, as well as advice on payroll tax penalty abatements. In Pennsylvania taxes on real estate and personal property are levied by school districts, counties and municipalities. Sales and use taxes are levied on non-exempt goods and services. Sales tax on automobiles is dependent on the address of the purchaser.

Direct heirs in Pennsylvania are assessed a 6% tax. All other beneficiaries pay 15%. Pennsylvania also has a gasoline and a cigarette tax. A 1% realty transfer tax on the worth of the property is also collected.

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