Maritime Law

Maritime Law Pittsburgh, PA

Maritime Law, also called Admiralty Law, is a body of law that covers liability claims between ship owners and passengers, crew and cargo owners that arise from accidents at sea or on navigable lakes and rivers. The Law of the Sea, on the other hand, is a body of public international law that deals with navigational controversies between nations, mineral rights, jurisdiction in coastal waters and other international maritime issues. The Constitution grants federal jurisdiction to maritime law cases. State courts may, at times, hear maritime law cases.

Boating accidents and injuries to passengers and crew are covered under maritime law. There has been considerable media attention to accidents that have happened on cruise ships. These would fall under maritime law. Occurrences such as oil spills, collisions and groundings are other accidents that fall under this jurisdiction.

Workers on ships and offshore oil rigs that can be towed are covered under the Jones Act. Unlike Worker’s Compensation claims, injuries of this type receive damages only if employer negligence is proved.

The statute of limitations for maritime claims is three years. There may be a shorter statute of limitations for cruise ships, ferries and government ships.

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