Product Liability Law

Product Liability Law Pittsburgh, PA

Product Liability LawIt is a common occurrence today to turn on the television or pick up a newspaper and discover that a company is being sued because of a defective or dangerous product. Pennsylvania has a strong product liability law which is meant to guarantee maximum consumer protection. The designer, producer, marketer and others involved in the production of the manufactured goods may each bear some measure of responsibility. Cases can be very complex: the manufacturing process alone can involve many people: parts producers and assemblers among others. At present, many components are made outside the United States and are simply assembled here.

Today consumers have the opportunity to collect damages if they have been harmed by a product, or even if future harm is foreseen. The consumer’s recourse is to file a product liability lawsuit. The services of an attorney experienced in this field are necessary. A suit may also be brought if the consumer is not warned of potential dangers arising from use or misuse of the product. In Pennsylvania a product must comply with safety regulations when used for its intended purpose.

One of the major product liability cases in recent years involves asbestos. Another involves tobacco. Food allergy liability, baby product defects, gasoline tank problems in automobiles: all of these and many more have caught the public’s attention and have resulted in individual and class action suits. A class action suit occurs when several individuals have suffered injuries from a product, and they join to file suit.

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