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Personal Injury LawPersonal Injury Law is a broad field covering everything from automobile accidents to medical malpractice. A personal injury claim may also be called a bodily injury claim. There is no minimum or maximum settlement amount. Factors influencing the amount: type and seriousness of the injury, medical bills, lost wages and other expenses, and the expected duration of the injury. There may also be damages awarded for pain, suffering, and distress.

Lately there has been a great deal of media attention paid to suits against pharmaceutical companies, where a patient has had serious side effects from a drug. These types of cases are typically handled by a personal injury attorney. Other cases that have been in the news lately are boat and cruise ship injuries, theme park accidents, defective product injuries, and injuries resulting from nursing home abuse.

Many personal injury claims are settled by insurance companies. If the person who injured you is uninsured, collecting may be difficult. When you retain a personal injury attorney the fee is usually negotiated in advance. The fee is called a contingency fee and will depend on the complexity of the case, expenses and time involved. Fees vary and may range from 331/3 percent of the settlement to 40 percent. Some fees are deducted from the settlement before medical expenses; some are not. This is something that you need to discuss with your attorney in advance. Read your agreement very carefully before you decide to proceed. It is definitely to your advantage to retain an experienced personal injury attorney.

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