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Family LawIn the American system anyone looking for information on, for example, divorce, may possibly seek a lawyer within a large, generalist law firm, or may engage an attorney from a firm that dedicates itself to Family Law alone.

Family law deals with the following: pre-nuptial agreements, marriage, separation, divorce, visitation, support and custody of children, adoption, property, trusts, wills, and estates. All of these issues are under the jurisdiction of state or local courts.

Prenuptial agreements have become more and more common, especially where one or the other individual has substantial assets. This type of agreement establishes assets which each party brings to the marriage. In the event of a divorce these assets revert to the original owner as specified in the agreement.

Child support is a crucial element in a divorce. Many jurisdictions have formulas for determining the proportion of support each parent must provide. This is an area where competent legal advice is necessary. Both parents must readily provide information on income and expenses, usually at a preliminary meeting. This may be difficult to discern in some cases without the assistance of a skilled legal professional. It advisable to have a support order entered with the court in order to avoid future problems.

Child custody generally is determined by the wishes of the parents; however, it is important to have this matter in writing, as well as visitation and third party visitation. There are different forms of custody, including shared, where the child spends alternate periods of time with both parents. Often one or the other parent is called the custodial parent, and the other parent is afforded generous visitation. Where there is disagreement, a judge may enter the process and set custody and visitation guidelines. If there are allegations of neglect or abuse the services of a skilled lawyer will be needed.

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