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Domestic Violence Law Pittsburgh, PA

Domestic Violence LawCriminal charges may be brought in cases of domestic violence. These cases usually involve persons living together, and may include husband and wife, parent and child, same sex partners, a man and woman living together and a child and parent’s partner. It is important to note that if the police have been alerted or a complaint has been filed, reluctance to press charges does not mean that the case will be dropped.

In many cases of domestic abuse, the victim’s first move is to get a Protection from Abuse Order. These orders may be issued if an abuser harms or attempt to injure another; if an individual(usually a woman) is held against her will; children are abused; stalking or harassment occurs; the victim fears injury. First a ten day order is issued. An order lasting up to one year may then be applied for. Only the victim needs to be present for the first order. The alleged abuser may contest the longer order at the hearing. The defendant, in addition, may face criminal charges, depending upon the offense. Not all PFA’s are granted. Claims must be proven .Police are required to arrest for PFA violations, but some are reluctant to do so unless there is hard evidence.

If an individual is charged with domestic abuse, it is essential to seek legal advice. Unfortunately, some applications for PFA’s are not credible, and may be a form of punishing a partner and having him removed from the dwelling.

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