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Tort LawWhat is Tort Law? Wrongs that are litigated in civil court as a result of another person’s negligence or wrongdoing fall under the category of tort law. Tort law is state law which originates with state legislatures (statutory law), and the judiciary (common law). In general, lawsuits for personal injury come under the classification of tort law.

There are three types of torts: strict liability, negligence and intentional. For example, if an individual is injured by a defective product, the manufacturer would be targeted with a strict liability lawsuit. An attorney may contact other victims and file what is called a class action lawsuit. If a person’s actions demonstrate a clear intention to harm (for example someone deliberately strikes you).your attorney will file under the intentional tort category. If a car runs a red light and you are injured, this would give rise to a negligence suit.

In some cases, torts can be crimes punishable with jail; for the most part, however, they are filed for damages, and to deter the sued individual from continuing the behavior. The victim may seek lost wages, expenses and pain. Future expected losses may be included.Among other torts are assault, battery, and trespass.

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